What’s involved in Tile Renewal

Tile Renewal

Tile renewal involves the restoration and revitalisation of your tiled surfaces, such as floors, walls or countertops, to regain their original appearance and functionality. Over time, tiles can become worn, stained, or damaged due to factors like foot traffic, moisture or lack of maintenance. Tile renewal aims to address these issues through a series of steps designed to clean, repair, and enhance your tiles.

The process

The process of tile renewal usually begins with a thorough assessment by a tiling specialist like Sydney Shower Seal to identify any problems, such as cracks, chips or grout discolouration. Getting a professional assessment helps determine the best course of action and the materials needed for the renewal process.

Step 1

The first step in tile renewal is giving the tiles a good clean. We usually start by removing dirt, grime and other debris that has built up over time. Based on on the severity of the buildup, we may decide to use a selection of specialised cleaning solutions, scrub brushes or even steam cleaners to loosen and remove stubborn stains.

Step 2

Once the tiles are clean, any necessary repairs can be assessed. This can include filling in cracks or chips with a suitable filler material then smoothing it out to match the surrounding surface. Sometimes any damaged tiles may need to be replaced with new ones to ensure the job has the best outcome.

Step 3

After the repairs are completed, the next step in the tile renewal process is often grout restoration. Grout lines can become discoloured or stained, detracting from the overall appearance of your tiled area. Our grout restoration process can consist of cleaning the grout lines to remove stains and discolouration or reapplying grout sealant to protect against future damage and colour deterioration.

Step 4

Once the tiles and grout have been cleaned and repaired, the final step in the tile renewal process is sealing your tiles. Sealing helps protect your tiles and grout from moisture, stains and other forms of damage, which helps with the longevity and long-term appearance of your tiles. Depending on the type of tiles you have and the level of protection required, we will decide whether to use topical sealants or penetrating sealants.

Tile renewal can be a complex process which is best left up to an experienced tiler like ourselves. The main steps include cleaning, repairing and enhancing tiled surfaces to restore their original appearance and functionality. By taking care of such issues as dirt, grime, damage and discolouration, tile renewal can help extend the lifespan of your tiles and maintain the design of your bathroom, laundry or balcony areas.

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